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Chris Coleman - #TheAntiAgents 

Looking for a straight forward agent to help in your journey? One who gives a shit about you and YOUR goals? Cool, then you're in the right place. 

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to Invest in themselves, in every sense of the word, whether it's health, knowledge, wealth, happiness or your future in general, this is the primary objective. Through mentoring, working directly with clients in real estate, and helping local entrepreneurs to share their stories, message, and grow their businesses, we are giving back to our community and developing as a strong force for good: To Protect citizens from greed, ignorance, and predatory business practices. 

To connect with me directly regarding #DitchTheRent, Email is preferred, and yes, I answer every email personally in 24 hours at:

Tamara Adams

Tamara Adams 

      My name is Tamara, no I do not have a sister named Tia - I am actually an only child =) Born and raised in Omaha, I attended Central High -GO EAGLES- and graduated in 2006. I have literally lived all over this city, from the hood to the suburbs, and now somewhere in between - I like to think I know my way around by now! After high school I attended college but spent most of my time working for an awesome defense attorney! I grew up in that office, literally. I learned, heard, saw, discussed, and debated all aspects of life, and sincerely enjoyed the work we did.

   The biggest thing I took from that experience is that everyone has a storY! Good & bad, how they got to where they are, and where they are going. It was the best part! I was in a room with a credenza full of people with unique stories but they all shared one thing, it was likely one of the worst times of their lives. Fast forward 6+ years, I found myself taking the real estate exam, passing, and oh shit - I am doing this.. I quickly realized that now I get to help people during the most exciting time of their lives. My crew is smiling, and so am I.

      I am a calm soul, tend to keep a cool head, and get shit done. Hey, no one is going to jail right?! When I am not out showing homes and protecting my crew - I am helping other realtors do the same! I have a side biz where I help other amazing realtors get transactions done. My introvert tendencies help me juggle all of this, I like to be behind the scenes, quietly the brains behind this operation (just ask Chris) I am a protector, and the best part is I GET to do this everyday. - Tam